يمارس الجنس مع مومس أغلقت قبل ط لكم آسف الكلبة قتل الحمار

“The Road” by Cormac McCarthy why you should wait for the movie instead of reading!!!!Review*

Posted on: June 3, 2009

1. “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy tells the story of an itinerant man and his son striving in a post-apocalyptic world, where most life has ended and most of the provisions are gone.The majority of survivors have become desperate for food and have become Cannibals. Some of the central themes in the book are love, the innocence of youth and the destruction caused by man on the planet. I can relate to these themes for my father and I are very emotional about sad father/ son stories and I do think our relationship would be nearly the same as the one that Cormac McCarthy has portrayed. I can also relate to the theme of the destruction of the world done by men in “The Road”. Men and pollution may have caused it. My mother and I are one of the only people in the family who recycle. I don’t blame my grandmother because she was raised without the inconvenient truth.

2. The three major motifs in “The Road” are “Okay”, the deal between the father and the son and “Are we the good guys”. In every dialogue between the man and the boy one of them says “Okay”. This effectively shows us the comprehension between the man and the boy. The man and the boy have a deal: If one of them gets caught, they have to kill themselves or kill each other. This shows the care for each other that goes beyond life: The father doesn’t know if he can hold the boy dead in his arms. The boy is not tainted by the urban world that once was. Allusions made in the novel compare him to an angel. The boy asks the man “Are we the good guys?” many times in the novel, showing that he cares. He wants to give food and help the people they meet. The man doesn’t always agree with the boy and that is the only source of any argument they get into.

4. The book effectively conveys its message using descriptions, motifs and characters. To convey the readers, the author avoids pointless information such as the exact location and the name of the characters. Children are the future, but if in the future there is nothing but ash there will no longer be a future. The carelessness of the present day people is what will end life. In the book the lack of food and water and provisions is a big deal. In present day, the food is in every corner of every block and water is flooding the golfcourts so rich men can go play at 6 am. Humanity doesn’t realize the fact that we are capable of blowing up our planet numerous times with all our weapons. If there were a God, why would he help? Would he assist the last few mortals, the same mortals whom have undone seven days of work?

5. I rather enjoyed this book but I have one complaint: I based this complaint on “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men” both by Cormac McCarthy . I did not like the endings to “The Road” and “ No Country for Old Men”. I don’t know if it is his style but I don’t enjoy it. The second quarter of the book was the best, then you get to the third quarter and you start realizing that you are not going to find out any names nor find out what happened to the world. He taunts the reader with this at times. This critique is kind of a joke : This book was rather sexist. Where were the females? Cormac McCarthy is a interesting man he claims to not write about females because he can’t really. The book was rather uneventful but I still recommend it to future 9th graders. By next year the movie will be out and, when they watch the film, they will be able to scavenge for any added scenes (making this film more “Hollywood”). For some, there may be a lot to be learned from this book but if you are as well educated, cultured, refined, sophisticated of a person as I, you will still find things in this book. Maybe Cormac McCarthy left the book so uneventful on purpose to make people thing of different situations the main characters can get in during the down time between reading.


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